Loan Modifications

Given these tough economic times many home owners are finding it difficult if not impossible to make their monthly mortgage payments. Many institutions are working with home owners in order to reduce their monthly payments by adjusting the interest rate and or the terms of their loan to help them retain their home.


What is a loan Modification?

Mortgage modification is a process where the terms of a mortgage are modified outside the original terms of the contract agreed to by the lender and borrower.


HAMP Program:

HAMP - or Home Affordable Mortgage Program is a government program that many financial institutions are working within to assist home owners retain their homes. There are certain qualifying criteria.


1. Is your mortgage you are trying to modify your primary residence?

2. Is your mortgage a Freddie Mac or a Fannie Mae loan?

3. Is your mortgage less than $739,000.00

4. Does your mortgage exceed more than 31% of your gross monthly income?


Once you have answered yes to these four basic questions, we can determine whether or not you are in a position financially to support a modification.




Many home owners have been trying to obtain a modification on their own and have been given the run around by financial institutions. They have experienced endless hold times, lost documents. We have had tremendous success on behalf of home owners getting them modifications that will help them reduce their monthly payments - allowing them to remain in their homes. What do I need in order to qualify for a loan modification?


We need to prove to your financial institution that you can no longer afford to pay for your moorage by providing them with the following documentation.


1. A hardship letter

2. Two most recent tax returns

3. Three months of most recent bank statements

4. Three months of recent pay stubs

5. Letter of authorization

6. Two months of mortgage statements

7. Financial worksheet

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