What is a Short Sale?

When selling a home - a short sale scenario occurs when the sum total of the liens against the property are greater than the value of the property. This does not just include all the mortgages but any other liens that have been placed on the land records.


How Do I know I qualify to do a short sale?


How to I check what is on the land records?


How do I know what my home is worth?


Can I short sell my home if I am currently in foreclosure?


Can I do a short sale on an investment property?

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A short sale can be a time consuming and frustrating transaction to undertake. We have had many successful short sales transact and have found that there are six steps that have to be followed to give you every chance to succeed.


Follow these steps for a successful Short Sale Transaction:


Big Six Short Sales Considerations


We need to prove to your financial institution that you can no longer afford to pay for your mortgage by providing them with the following documentation.


1. A hardship letter

2. Two most recent tax returns

3. Three months of most recent bank statements

4. Three months of recent pay stubs

5. Letter of authorization

6. Two months of mortgage statements

7. Financial worksheet


If you feel that a short sale is a viable option for you. Please contact us to see if you qualify to attempt a short sale transaction.


To view our standard short sale package click on the below mentioned link.

Short Sale Package


Understanding HAFA

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